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Please Read - Important Information for Ordering Your Books Online

The SU Bookstore is pleased to offer our Textbook Comparison Ordering Site. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the terms below.

From Salisbury: This means that your books are coming from the SU Bookstore and you can pick them up in store or have them shipped to you. Your textbook options from the SU Bookstore include New, Used, Rental, and E-books.

From The Web - These are books available from various sources around the web. If you choose to order those titles, they will be shipped directly to you. We provide this comparison shopping tool as a courtesy and are not responsible for purchases made from third party sites.

Please select your textbook choices carefully for each course.

New & Used Books: We will make every attempt to fill your order with the type of book (new or used) requested. Should that type be unavailable, we will substitute with the type we have in stock. Note: This may cause your sales total to increase or decrease, depending on the substitution.

Books that are listed with $0.00 for the price are not free. This simply means that we do not have the books or pricing information at this time. Books priced $0.00 cannot be ordered on the website.

Rental Books from the SU Bookstore: Rental Books are now available for select titles in store and online for in-store pickup or delivery to your home. By clicking the Agree button on the website, you agree to the terms and conditions of the SU Bookstore Rental Agreement. Details should be included on your receipt.

E-Books: Please choose e-books carefully. E-books are charged separately and immediately at the time you place your order. Your e-book activation code will be emailed to the email address provided on your order. Make sure you provide an accurate email address.

Inclusive Access (IA): Inclusive Access courses are courses where digital content for the course is loaded into MyClasses and available to you approximately 1 week prior to the start of classes. Students will be charged the price shown via their student account unless they opt out by the date indicated. Simply sign into MyClasses to get started with your content.

Book Codes and what they mean?

Required - Faculty have indicated these texts are required for the course.

Required/Choice(R/C) - Either selection meets the requirement for the course. Choose only one.

Component (Comp) - This is a component of a bundle. If a bundle contains a text and an access code, a component may be either a text or access code alone.

Alternate Text - This simply means there are multiple ISBN numbers for the same text and you only need to choose the required text or the alternate, but not both.

Rental - Required texts that are available for rent. You may purchase a book (new or used) or rent the book for the semester.

E-Book - These are electronic only versions of the printed textbook and can be chosen instead of the required printed text.

Recommended - These are books that the professor has recommended to enhance the educational experience.

Optional - These are books that are listed by the professor as optional, they are not required. We recommend you go to class first to see if these are really needed.

Bookstore Suggestion - These are additional educational products that are typically study aides, etc. and are used to assist the student in the course. These are not required.