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Textbook Rental Agreement


By Purchasing a Rental Textbook either in store or via our website, you are agreeing to the following terms:

 1.     I am at at least 18 years of age and am entering into this Textbook Rental Agreement (“Agreement”) with the SU Bookstore of my own free will. I understand that all books rented from the SU Bookstore are the property of the SU Bookstore. I will return all books rented to the SU Bookstore on or by the “Rental Return Due Date.”

2.      I understand that I am renting this material for one semester only. If I need the material for future semesters, I must return the material and re-rent it or pay the replacement cost only and keep the book.

3.      I agree that all identifying stickers, labels, etc on rental items must remain intact and must not be removed, altered, or obliterated.

4.      FAILURE TO RETURN: If I fail to return the rented textbooks by the Rental Return Due date, or return them in an unusable condition, I understand the SU Bookstore will charge the following “Non-return Fees,” to my student financial account: (1) Replacement fee as outlined on my receipt, plus (2) a Late Fee of $25.00. The replacement fee is based on the retail price of the book at the time of rental. The SU Bookstore is not responsible for reminding me of the “Rental Return Due Date.”

5.      CONDITIONS UPON RETURN: Highlighting and writing in rented textbooks is permitted and acceptable. However, rented textbooks must be returned in complete and salable condition as determined by the SU Bookstore Staff. This means the spine on the book is intact, there is no damage to the book, such as torn front or back cover, torn/missing pages or LIQUID DAMAGE and all component parts of the book must be present at the time of return. By no means is this an inclusive list of the types of damages that may be assessed by the Bookstore Staff. I am responsible for any loss or theft of the rented textbooks.

6.      REFUND: I understand that the rental fee is non-refundable for any reason past the normal return deadlines for course materials. The SU Bookstore’s standard refund policies apply.

7.      TAX: The normal State of Maryland Sales tax of 6% applies to all rented textbooks.

8.      VENDOR OBLIGATIONS: All of the rentals sold through the SU Bookstore are done so with the assistance of our wholesale partners. We have an obligation to adhere to their return guidelines and therefore cannot make any exceptions for condition of books upon return or extend deadlines for any reason.

9.      A copy of this agreement is being provided to you in conjunction with what you have already agreed to when renting on our website or as outlined on your cash register receipt and does not need to be signed to be in effect.

questions or issues with rentals should be directed to the su bookstore at bookstore@salisbury.edu